Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gomti River of Dwarika and Sunset at Sea

After darshan of Dwarkadheesh we came out the temple. The temple is west faced means Dwarkadheesh is looking to sea side. On the South side near the temple Gomti is flowing towards sea and meeting sea near the temple. Means temple is situated at meeting point of Gomti river and Sea. We moved toward South direction of temple from East road and we got river Gomti near the temple flowing towards the sea. we moved alongside the river on the street. and reached the meeting point of Gomti with sea. It was about 300 to 400 mtr distance. This was evening time and Sun was setting .  We stood there and watched Sun set.

After viewing Sunset we came to the temple again. Took Auto and went to Railway Station. Rs. 10 per head was charged.

We reached the Station took our luggage. Our train was at Night 11:30 which will be coming from Okha. We waited in waiting room. At night we ate food at Station. Only one shop of some snacks and food was there at the Plateform.  The shopkeeper came to us and asked  for food. we said it is 7 O'clock we will take food at 8 O' clock. He prepared fresh Puri with some potato vegitable for us and for many others . Tea was costly and very little.

At night train was some late. We had confirm reservation up Rajkot. we took our seats and slept. In the morning we step down at about 4:30. We fresh there and took ticket for Somnath Temple.  We enquired about train it was standing on plateform. we took our seats. Train moved to Somnath City. The city of Lord Shanker.

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