Friday, February 15, 2013

Bhent Dwarika, Nageshwar Mandir and Gopi Talab

Boats for Bhent Dwarka
We mooved forward to Bhent Dwarka, 

Bhent Dwarka Land

Bird of Luck

Birds flying with us

here Sudama met Krishna and his fate changed. Birds were flying upon us till we reached Bhent Dwarka. People thrown some eating material in the air and birds catched in the air directly. We saw that temple is near to landing place. We moved on foot. Some took tempo. Here mobile phone is not allowed. One mobile stand was there. Operator took Rs 2/- per mobile for keeping in safe custody till we returned after the Darshan. We entered into the Mandir. It is a very Old temple. Some renovation work was going on. We took Darshan of Lord Krishna and others at this place. Prayed and returned back. 
Bhent Dwarka Temple

Mobile Stand at Bhent Dwrka

We took back our mobiles and speedly returned to catch returning boat as it was 10:30 and half hr it took to return where bus was standing. we were timely in our bus and bus moved for Nageshwar temple at 11:00 hrs. We reached Nageshwar Jyotirling. It is one of the 12 Jyotirling of Lord Shiva. Mandir is renovated by late Gulshan Kumar. It looks like new. 
Nageshwar Temple

Nageshwar Baba Bhole Shankar

Bus driver given us only 15 minutes to visit the temple. A Murti of Lord Shankar is constructed outside the temple.  It is about 100 feet high. In the temple we stood in line. Shivling in this temple is in the form of Snakes of Shiva and Parvati. Two Snakes embraced to each other.  Main place of the temple is very low. stairs to go down is there. everyone can not go inside the temple. As per the Pandits, you have to purchase Prasad starting from Rs 150/- onwards and then you can go to the temple. And also you have to wear only dhoti and all clothes you have to remov. We left the idea to go there. We bowed our heads and came out from there. We took some snaps and Bus driver started making hurry. We went to Bus and took our seats. Other passangers were also returned except one family who did not returned. He stood for 2-3 minutes and started bus after going few meters he stoped the bus and saw that that family is coming and running to bus. Then they sit on their seats.
bus went to Gopi talab. It is a pond where it is said that Lord Krishna given moksh to their 16108 Rani. Bus then went to Bus stand from where bus started at 13:30 hrs we reached to the Starting place of Bus, The office of Nagar Palika. 

Nagar Palika Bus Stand for Local Tour at Dwarka

Old building in front of Dwarka Bus Stand

There we searched for toilet it was near to Palika office but very dirty. Pay and use toilets were so-so, not maintaind.

One thing should be kept in mind, for travelers sufficient toilets with effective clinliness should be there. It is seen even paid services are not clean.

We asked for way to Dwarkadheesh temple it was straight upward. We felt hungry so we enquired about food. Restaurants were there offering food for Rs 70/- per person. You have to purchase for each persons separately even for child. We asked that our two children will share in one thali, they denied. We moved forward and saw that Lohan Trust Bhojnalaya offering full stomach food for Rs 35/- only.
Lohan Trust Restaurant at Dwarka, Gujrat

Cheap and Good Food at Dwarka
 We went there we took four thalis and enjoyed food. It was nice.

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