Sunday, February 17, 2013

Darshan of Dwarikadheesh

 We reached the Dwarkadheesh Temple. It is great feeling to see the temple. We bowed our heads to Lord Krishna from out side the temple and sat down near shops. The gate of the Mandir will be opened at 5:00 evening so we rested in front of closed shops. We searched for tea one shop we found and took tea for Rs 8/- per cup. It was little nice tea. There were some very old buildings near temple. We saw that at the entrance of temple some incomplete structure of temple is there which was came out when new way to temple was constructed.
Bags, ladies purse & mobiles are not allowed in the temple one bag stand and mobile stand is there outside the temple.  We saw that one Railway Reservation counter is there outside the temple and few people were making reservations in trains. we also have to purchase ticket from Somnath to Rajkot. we purchased it from here & got confirmed reservation.  We then stood in the queue for Darshan. At 5:00 evening gate of the temple opened we entered the temple and got Darshan of Lord Krishna. Jai Dwarkadheesh! Some other small temples are there in main premises.

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