Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Somnath Darshan

We started from Rajkot district in the morning. The train have to reach Veraval at 12:30 noon. Train started we enjoyed pleasant morning through train. As train took speed a group of some ladies started singing folk songs with clapping. They laugh in between two songs and talk some light moment. Again start singing. We also enjoyed their singing. Water of that region is salty. We reached Veraval in time and tempo operators started catching us for site seen, Hotels. etc. We decided to go to Somnath temple first. We took tempo @ 10/- per person and reached in front of the temple. In the way we saw many boat building workshops.  Workers were making big boats at many places. 
We saw that there are two temples of "Somnath" the "Lord Shanker". One is small temple. it is called old temple. It is half above the ground and half under the ground. Other one is very Tall and new Temple. The new Temple of Somnath was built by the inspiration of Sardar Ballabh Bai Patel.  A huge stetue of Patel is standing in front of the temple.
We enquired about the room. An old building was there. simple room was about 300/- Rs. no bed no furniture only floor, and common toilet.  We left the place. We again enquire, one person started talking us. We were hungry and searching some food. Food there was very costly Rs. 80-100 per thali. That person said he can arrange accomodation for Rs 500/- to 1000/- he took us to a street. Here we saw Somnath Trust Restaurant. Someone told us in the way in our train that Somnath Trust have many rooms, which are well affordable and good in condition with attached toilet. We left that person. We went to Somnath Trust Restaurant, there was a little rush. Food was Rs. 40/- full stomach per person for adult and Rs. 30/- for children. It is year 2013. Food was nice. Then we wanted to drink tea but tea was not available in the Restaurant. We took tea outside the Restaurant on the street. It was nice tea Rs. 8-10 per glass.
Then we enquired about room in the Somnath Trust. It was another building on another street where booking is done. We went to that Office and booked a double bed room for one day at a cost of Rs. 350/- per day. Some security money of about Rs. 700/- to 800/- deposited. which is refundable on leaving the room. We booked a room took the key and then went to an other residential building which is situated in a campus. There are several buildings having 25-30 room in each building. About 200 rooms are there in those buildings and one great building tower for residential purpose for pilgrims is under construction. Yes keep your identity card with your self for booking the room.
We went to the room took rest and took a bath and in the evening we went to Somnath Temple for Darshan. Belt bags and shoes we deposited at proper place free of cost. and went to temple which is situated near the sea. We took Darshan of Lord Shiva and Parvati, Prayed and saw some beautiful  Murtis of Shiva according to different stories.  to be continue........

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