Monday, May 12, 2014

Varanasi Visit

Sarnath is near Varanasi about 10 km north east from Varanasi Station. Auto, Tempo and Buses go there frequently. It is a budha's place. One Dhamekh Stup is there. One (Sangrahalaya) government Musium about Budh and old sculptures are there. In Musium camera is not allowed. It is kept in lockers and bags are also kept in lockers free. Ticket of musium is Rs 5/-. There are toilets for visitors in the musium campus. 

Govenment Musium at Varanasi Sarnath

THAI TEMPLE: The temple is located in a sprawling campus near modern reception centre of Tourist Department, on Rajpath road, Sarnath, Varanasi, U.P., India. (Timing: 6am-5pm). The temple has been built in Thai architectural style and houses a sandstone statue of Buddha in Abhay Mudra in its sanctum.
 Thai Temple near Varanasi Sarnath

Varanasi Sarnath Mahatma budh in Abhaya Mudra , Gyan Mudra and .......Mudra

Varanasi Sarnath Budh
At reception centre entry is free there is one 80 ft hight budh stature. Thai Temple is in this campus. Lord Budha's Gyan mudra and Abhaya Mudra Statues are there. 
Varanasi Sarnath Budh

Varanasi Sarnath Budh

Sarnath Budh Garden
There is copy of Ashok Chakra and Ashok lot is there in this reception centre compound.
Sarnath Stup and Shivalaya
Near that Dhamekh Bodh stup is there and ticket of that is also same per person. here you can take your camera and eatable.
Foreigners visiting Sarnath Dhamekh  Stoop

Old temple structure and other structures at Sarnath Stup

Chabutara at Sarnath

Ashok Stambh detail Stone

Moolgandh Kuti

Mulagandha Kuti




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