Friday, May 31, 2013

Somnath Darshan -Pt 2

After Somnath temple Darshan. We went to Old Somnath Temple it is half temple above the ground level and half underground. At both the place Shivling is established. we went there. Pujaris were asking to take them with you for Puja. We did not took any Pujari with us. Went in the temple underground and prayed the God and returned with another way of very narrow stairs. Up there we worshiped second Shivaling and returned back.
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Old Somnath Temple
Sun Set

We decided to enjoy the evening and go to the sea beach which we were looking from the Temple. It is near to temple. We moved on foot towards the beach. We saw many small temporary shops of Chinese Toys, Coconut and its Water, some food shops, Bhutta shops, etc. Many people were going towards sea beach. There were Camels for riding. We took two Camels and rided towards sea beach.  We got down there and paid the Camel man @ 20 per person. We saw that sea sand is black.  And sea color was also dark. No body was taking bath in the sea. Only few people were in the water for photography. We also took some photographs there and returned back. Since it started dark. We had some purchases of toys and gifts which was available at reasonable rates. We searched for a good Shankh. We found it at a shop but its price was high. We bargained but not succeeded to get its price down. We returned to Somnath Trust Restaurant and took food.

Boat Making
Then we went to our room at Somnath Trust Homes. We slept and got early so that we can pack our luggage and return the keys to Admn building and go to Veraval for catching Train.  We took bath there in the room. The water was so salty that our hair got sticked. I went to return the key and to get the deposited money from Admn building. My wife and children went to market to find the Shankh. It was 8 in the morning and our train was at 9:50 from Veraval.  I returned the key of room and got deposit money back and I came to main road and ring to my wife to come soon as it is 8:45. In between I talked to an auto driver to drop us to Veraval to catch the train no 11463. Rates were decided Rs.10 per person. I rang again to my wife to come soon. She returned with children after purchasing the Shankh. It was 9:10 am. Veraval station is 5 km from Somnath Temple. We said to auto drive move fast so that we can catch the train. He asked which train we said 11463. He took us to Somnath station within 5 minutes and stopped there and said go there. We said this is not Veraval Station. We said you to go to Veraval Station we had reservation from there to Rajkot. He asked your train starts from here you can ask from station. Make hurry and catch the train. We said you have to drop us to Veraval. After a lot of arguments and time wastage we finally found that The train is standing there and will move within 10 min. We paid to auto and moved fast to the train and got entered to the coach in which we were having reservation from Veraval. Veraval is 10 min journey by train from Somnath Station and covers 5 km. distance.
Boat Making at Somnath
As we took our seats train started moving. Within 5 min we were at Veraval.
We saw that many boat making wards were there in the way to Veraval from Somnath. Workers were making many boats. it was a nice look.
Most of the trains stops at Veraval station and passengers go to Somnath city by tempo paying Rs.10 per person.  Somnath Station is new and most people do not know it. Only few trains go to there and starts from there. This station is about 2 to 3 km distance from the Somnath Temple.

We took rest in the coach. It was sleeper coach. at about 14:00 hrs we reached Rajkot. We took our luggages from clock room and stayed in the waiting room. we took food. got some water for drinking. and some snacks also.
 We have to catch train to Lucknow from there which will be coming at 16:00 hrs. We were having waiting list in it. Seats were not confirmed. By quota released we got only one seat for four persons. At right time train arrived we went to IInd AC coach and got our only seat we set our luggage and sat all four on the same seat.  After whole night and other day journey in difficulty we came to our city Lucknow. Thank to God for happy and safe journey. 

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