Friday, January 18, 2013

My Journey to Ahemdabad, Dwarika and Somnath

We decided to proceed for pilgrim to Ahmedabad, Dwarika and Somnath. Accordingly some plan made. We proceeded to Ahmedabad from Lucknow by Sabarmati train which left Lucknow at 11:50 at night. It was a very cold night of 3 Jan 13. This day winter was at peek. next full day we were in train after that day at about 5 a.m. we reached Ahmedabad. We were going to Trimandir Adalaj. which is situated at Ahmedabad Kalol highway. we asked the TC how to reach Trimandir. He gently said. At right side out of the Station 89/1 no. bus will go to Trimandir at a ticket cost of Rs. 15 per head. It was situated far enough. As we went out the station Auto drivers offered us to go to Trimandir at Rs.300/- . We went to bus stop. There was a bus standing no. 89/1 we took place and bus started to our destiny. After half an hour we reached Trimandir. Here we came for Gyanwidhi by Sri Deepak Bhai on 5-6 Jan. We told Nimesh bhai about our arrival. Nimesh bhai previously came in Oct 12 at Lucknow for Aptputra Satsang. We went to Atithigrah and found a room. Perday charges are fixed as per room AC/Non AC.
Trimandir Adalaj, Dada Bhagwan, Niruma
On the same day 04:30 to 7:00 we attended Satsang of Deepak Bhai. There were thousands of people sitting on floor and on chairs as per their facility listening to Deepak bhai very peacefully. This Satsang was in Gujrati but there were facility of live translation broadcasting in Hindi, English and one other foreign language German. We met there Dheeraj Bhai, Radhey Shyam bhai of Media department. They were nice in speaking and in behaviour. On Monday Akshardham Temple remains closed so next morning we went to Akshardham temple and returned in noon for evening Gyanvidhi by Deepak Bhai. We attended Gyanvidhi from 3:30 noon onwards by Deepak Bhai. It was second time for us to attend Gyanvidhi. It was nice feeling. Thousands of people were gathered there for this Gyanvidi. One can know about self and Atma in very nice way.

There is facility about Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner which is open at these timings and runs for about 2 to 3 hrs for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Token of Rs. 30/- should be purchased previously from counter for Lunch and Dinner per person full diet and Rs. 20/- for Breakfast per person.  Amba foods shops are also there which provide variety of products to purchase which is produced by them. Quality of these products are very good.

Next day we were free and we attended Satsang of Deepak Bhai after that we came to know that one Free Circular Bus Service is available starting from Trimandir and coming back to Trimandir. After half an hour some busses are running which may be caught. We took a bus which were going to Iscon temple. we went there. It dropped us next side of the road to temple we went to temple and saw. It was beautiful temple. Murtis were very beautiful. We came out from the temple and stood on the tempo stand in front of the temple. when jeep driver asked us to where to go. we said we are waiting for free bus service, he said  go to north at the end of overbridge there is stoppage of free bus service. We went there. We found the Stand/place of free bus Service stoppage. We waited there and after some time bus came and we catched our bus to Trimandir.
We reached trimandir and went to our room and rested. At night we took dinner and we slept peacefully in our room.
Next day we had to catch our train at 12:00 noon passenger train from Ahmedabad to Dwarika

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