Friday, August 3, 2012

Puri Travel Memory

Puri in Orissa is famous for Jagannath Temple. In this temple Murtis of Lord Jagannath (Krishna), his brother Balbhadra (Balram) and his sister Subhadra is situated. All these are of wood. One wooden piller called Sudarshana of Jagannath is also situated in the main temple. On the top of the temple one flag is flurred every day. On this flag moon and one star (chand tara) is marked. One pandit climbs on the temple in the evening and he change the old flag with new one. Special bhog is sold out of the temple for the Lord.  Rice and Karhi is also available outside compound of the temple. One can purchase and eat.  Camera mobile is not allowed in the temple. Shoes chappals leather belts are also not allowed in the temple.

Rath Yatra is organised in the month July. All the murthis are brought out of the temple and put on the Rathas made of wood and a procession is carried for few kilometers. Many lpeople come at Puri Orissa to see the Rath Yatra.

Near the temple about 1.5 km beautiful  Sea beach is there. This beach is not very deep at the corners. It is safe. So people enjoy very much in this beach and take bath. Sun rise scene is very beautiful. Some Hotels are there near temple and many places and also at the beach view point.

One has wish to visit nearby places and other temples of the city. Bus services are there in the Puri. All the buses are collects at one point which is about 2.5 km distance from the temple. auto services are there to reach there and go for Puri visit. some agent are sitting at different places in hotels in Dharmshalas the book their seats  give you a receipt and they arrange auto to go to the place where buses for the purpose are standing. Auto charges are not taken seperately from you to reach at the point of busses. Busses are left from Puri early morning at 07:00 A.M. So get ready by 06:00 AM and reach there in time to get seat. Otherwise you will miss the bus. There are limited busses which moves at 7'O clock.

There are two ways to see Puri. North Puri in this trip Konark Temple and Shiva Temple and many other temples Budha temple and Nandan Kanan Zoo can be seen. It is a day long journey . You will return at night about 09:00 PM. Charges for the bus varies from 145 to 180 per person in 2012.  So keep sufficient water and some fast food with you. In South Puri trip Chilka Lake and one temple in the way is shown. Rent of the bus is same but journey is less about 1.5 hours journey by bus one way and 3 hrs in the Lake by boat you will see Dolphins. Yes Chilka Lake Is Open On Monday Wednesday and Friday Only. So plan your journey accordingly. North Puri busses runs daily. but Chilka lake busses runs on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Bus Guide takes money for tickets which you have to purchase at different places at Konark at Zoo etc in queue. He arranges for you as you reach there your tickets will be in your hand. Their agents are there and they take tickets as Guide ask to him.  Yes take food at Konark and no food will be available further in the way. They left Konark about 12:00 noon.

There is a Konark Temple in the Puri. This temple is called Sun temple. First sunshine falls on this temple. It is decorated with stone statues of mithuna and love. Main Temple has fallen. but small temple is standing. There are statues of horses lions. It is decorated with the dancing ladies in different poses.  It seems to tell audience about the dance.  When Kalinga war occured and people die in lakhs. and at the end few people remaind. so to tell people to increase population. figures of mithuna and man woman love is made on stones at the out wall of the temple. On the top of the temple Gods murtis are there. One can spend whole day to see it minutely.

There is a Shiva temple like Jagannath temple it is very old temple. In this temple Shivalinga is there. some small temples are also there near main temple.

Bodh stup is situated on the top of the hill busses go there it is made of white stone. It is very hot there in the summer and even in end of Feb and March stones are burning with heat and busses comes and there is a jam on the top of the hill because of limited place and narrow path. In the temple there is not proper arrangement on the stairs to get relief of the hot stones. shoes are not allowed there. Govt ./Managers should put  coconut carpet on the stairs and at walking paths to give relief of heated stones. This carpet should be wet with water.

Zoo situated there is also very beautiful.  It is situated near the river.

In Chilka lake they take groups in motor boat. Bus Guide take money from you in the bus for the boat booking.  Food at Chilka lake is costly. so take some ready food, or fast food with you. It is a 3 hrs journey in the Lake water but you have to keep drinking water with you and some food also.  It is a pleasant to take a ride of motorboat in group. After travel of 1.5 hrs in water we reached at the point of Dolphins. We saw one there. We returned to the point where Chilka lake and Bay of Bengal Sea is meeting each other. It is a great view. Keeping all in the memory. travellers return to place of start it is near to meeting place. and return by bus to Puri City 1.5 hrs journey by bus again.

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